Welcome to Goshin Jujitsu

Goshin Jujitsu, is a modern martial art that incorporates defence against attacks standing, being thrown and on the ground. Our style comes from Kōdōkan Goshinjutsu Japan from our Technical Director
John Haanstra, a
Kōdōkan Registered International Grader.

Goshin Jujitsu is a mixed martial arts style, the techiques come from Judo, Karate and Aikido.


Our style of Jujitsu consists of several techniques to defend oneself from: unarmed attacks, attacks with a knife, with a stick/baton, and with a gun.



Our first kata - Grabbing
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Training Times

Thursdays 6:30pm - 8:00pm


Upstairs at Waikato Badminton Hall

Lugton Park

Hamilton East


Weapons Defence
Contact Us

Ph: (07) 855 4479 (Sensei Richard)

email: tarrant@xtra.co.nz

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